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5 Best WordPress Websites Theme ( Minimal )


Not all developers and website owners are fond of bright, animated and complex website. There are instances when shinny and colorful ‘Buy Now’ buttons tend to discourage visitors or potential buyers. In clean WordPress themes such unnecessary elements are removed to present your products, services or contents in nice and elegant way. Keeping your website neat, functional and straightforward allows your visitors to concentrate on the content you are offering and value they can get from it. Another reason why Clean WordPress theme is very popular these days is the fact that simple designs usually loads faster and provide better user experience. Themes with simple layout designs and modest features give your website flexibility and functionality. By and large, clean website is more inviting and easier to navigate compared to heavy loaded websites.

If you are looking for a catchy, clean and functional theme for your website, you have come to the right place! This list of Clean WordPress Themes is created for website owners and bloggers who have high appreciation for minimalism. The themes included in this list will certainly look great on your site by providing modern and creative touch on your website site.


Uncode is a uniquely versatile and amazingly well executed, serious and professional, vastly functional and technologically refined and resourceful, meticulously crafted and deliberately graphically composed, flexible and pliable, modern and top of the line, inherently responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. Uncode is an extraordinarily intuitive and easy to use, expressive and bold theme that has been masterfully put together by a dedicated team of developers and designers, with a well rounded and powerful set of amazing tools, templates and features capable of empowering webmasters of any skill level to create the most handsome, attractive and engaging professional quality websites in a matter of minutes, without having to write a line of code at any point, and chock-full of features, functions and convenient, predesigned sections and pages.

Uncode is a supremely pixel perfect theme, with cutting edge technology like Adaptive Images feature that automatically resizes and rescales your web pages to intelligently fit in any screen, device or platform your visitors happen to come from. Uncode is perfect for creative professionals across a broad range of fields and industries, and its seamless demo websites will save you considerable time and effort as you set up your own customized, unique website to dazzle and impress your customers!


Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro is a unique and modern, sleek and effective, handsome and engaging, dynamic and responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. Hestia Pro is a solid solution for webmasters and developers with or without any previous coding experience that need to craft polished, aesthetically pleasant websites with resourceful and effective capabilities as well as a completely intuitive and user-friendly visual environment. Hestia Pro has been outfitted with a polished collection of amazingly on point demo websites and page templates that save you tons of time and effort in setting up your websites, regardless of subject matter, nature or tone.

Hestia Pro provides a seamless and clean framework wherein your content is the real star of the show, allowing your users to focus on what you have to say rather than distract your audience with needless bells and whistles. Subtlety is the name of the game with Hestia Pro, and every bit of your website’s resourcefulness will be both readily accessible and completely low-key, rendering your awesome Hestia Pro websites sleek and highly readable. Mobile friendly and cross-compatible, Hestia Pro’s Bootstrap modular design makes it easily reach across the globe to the widest possible audience. Check out Hestia Pro today for yourself!



Hellen is a clean and responsive WordPress elegant and minimalist multipurpose website theme. Hellen is a powerful platform for putting together impressive polished modern websites. With Hellen, webmasters from any backgrounds can make their projects a reality. Hellen is a relentlessly classy theme that produces clean, minimal websites. Webmasters across all industries and fields find in Hellen a reliable solution. Sleek coding makes Hellen a lightweight, fast-loading theme. Sophisticated compressed JS and CSS code delivers cutting-edge crispness without any lagging.

They underpin Hellen’s professional quality templates and homepages. With these, you can set up shop online in a matter of minutes, regardless of subject matter. Hellen provides you with a wealth of headers, footers, sidebars and menus. They are all design driven and integrate into a seamless, clean whole. Hellen has a powerful visual hierarchy that lets your audience know where to look. Users will make their way about your website intuitively and enjoy your content. With the Revolution Slider, you can keep them interested and showcase your works. The WooCommerce plugin makes marketing your products effortless with Hellen. Meanwhile, responsive Bootstrap coding lets your crisp Helen websites reach everyone. Appeal to users across all platforms in utter style, with Hellen!


The Essence

The Essence is a delicate and responsive WordPress feminine blog website theme. The Essence is a supple and flexible platform for making just about any kind of blog you can think of. Simple and charming, The Essence has many options to suit every taste and necessity. There are over 17 predesigned homepages within The Essence for you to play with! You can fine-tune them with the unique Meridian Styler front-end customizer. Your website can be as unique as you want it to be with The Essence.

Customize your headers, layouts, sidebars, footers and widgets within a few clicks. The Essence has many handy blog features, like a Featured Article animated slider. You can customize those to highlight any category of content you want to. Awesome and functional Instagram feeds let you spruce up your blog in a flash. Bring your social media into your blog and vice versa with handsome sharing widgets. You can even integrate your social media icons into your headers! Tons of customizable color options make your blog stand out from the crowd. Let your personality resonate through your every page with extensive styling choices. The Essence is everything you need for your blog to make it big!



Beoreo is a clean and polished, streamlined and simple, intuitive and easy to use, readily responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. Beoreo is a modern and ambitious website building platform, a versatile and flexible for webmasters from all walks of life to easily and effectively put together sophisticated, seamless, functional websites in a matter of minutes, without having to write a single line of code. Beoreo has been furnished with a premium set of plugins, tools and page templates that make short work of most website building matters, with a multitude of handsome header options and styles, beautiful Slider Revolution image, video and content sliders at your leisure, and a clean, polished, sleek taste in layouts that permeates every iteration of this beautiful theme make Beoreo the elegant choice every time.

Full-fledged professional features such as helpful shortcodes for pricing tables, interactive portfolios, staff blurbs, skill set listing and many more have been included within Beoreo to greatly expand what you can do while keeping true to Beoreo’s crisp, fresh-faced aesthetic values. Customization is intuitive and simple, with powerful advanced theme options to truly turn each of Beoreo’s 18 custom homepage demo websites inside out as you wish, to suit your expectations. Try Beoreo today!